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Our solutions are customized for many specialties already, and we are very receptive to making any relevant enhancements for new specialties. This doesn’t include the many custom settings for each solution that allows the practice to adapt the software to them, rather than making the practice adapt to the software. – MedTrio, Inc.
  • Very customizable–background colors, patient selections, individual users start screen, security levels, schedule setup, patient classifiers, and patient alerts
  • Customization is offered for each specialty
  • Multi-search in scheduling–up to 5 providers or resources can be searched and booked simultaneously
  • Critical care tracking for high concern procedures such as mammograms and pap smears
  • Unmanned patient check-in with scanner–patient is given a bar-coded appointment card at check-out to use for their next appointment check-in.
  • Uses the Navicure Simplicity solution for revenue cycle management: all electronic claims, eligibility and benefits; includes ERA for all available carriers; all remittances are standardized for easy comprehension; electronic claims are date stamped to prove delivery
  • Free SMS text messages are used for appointment reminders and patient messages so no third party solution must be purchased or subscribed
  • Bi-directional interface with Quickbooks
  • Alerts user when scheduling appointments if annual exam is less than 12 months from previous (24 months for Medicare) to reduce revenue losses
  • Alerts user when scheduling appointments if patient was not seen in more than 36 months so can be charged a new patient visit to increase revenues
  • CCI edits done on all claims before submitting (option)
  • Includes secure system mail (not Internet e-mail) for intra-office communications and for support requests
  • With the web portal, patients can request appointments, view lab/path results, view their statement and securely make payments (via PayPal)
  • Includes a comprehensive, flexible collections module
  • Patient specific warnings and banner messages are color coded for high visibility
  • With the TransFirst option, credit and debit card payments are accepted, and these automatically post to the patient’s account to save time and reduce errors
  • Billing includes electronic claims for all carriers, with eligibility and benefits checked from appointment schedules automatically, and electronic posting (ERA) for all available carriers
  • No charge for lab interfaces with Quest, Lab Corp and others
  • Patient portal accepts online payments.
  • Includes interface with a variety of third party EHRs
  • Extensive reports; all reports can be printed to paper, to Acrobat pdf files, or to spreadsheet programs and Crystal Reports for specialized reports and graphs
  • Very customizable–individual users start screen, screen layouts, user specific content, security levels, and much more
  • Customization is offered for each specialty
  • Optional Integrated dictation via special equipment and remote same-day transcription service
  • One click to jump between EHR and Practice Management
  • Free SMS text messages are used for patient messages so no third party solution must be purchased or subscribed
  • Instant messaging and remote control support are embedded for enhanced support
  • HL7 interfaces for ordering lab tests and retrieving results (with delinquent test tracking)
  • Immediate access for authorized users to add or edit the setup
  • Integrated fax capturing with routing for signatures
  • Quick and easy to fax out selected portions of the chart
  • Integrates with Patient Portal for secure communications
  • Patient Portal allows new patients to enter health history online prior to visit
  • Automatic alerts for patients needing health maintenance (mammogram, pap smear, PSA, etc.)
  • seamless integration for E-Prescribing.
  • guides for fast data entry
  • macros for quick text entry that you repeat frequently
  • Automatic Progress Note Completion
  • Integrated Billing from the EHR to the PM to eliminate double entry
Nobody gives support like they do.