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MedTrio uses web standards to update selected regions of the page area without undergoing a full page reload. Otherwise, the user would have to routinely wait for the data to come back before they can do anything else on that page, just as a user has to wait for a page to complete the reload.
Advanced Technology

The technology of all MedTrio software products are based on the latest Open Systems “big data” standard technologies used by the popular internet search engines and social media. By being internet based it allows the most flexible and user oriented solutions using any device from smart phones, PCs, iPads, to Macs. The software is multi-browser supported and can be ran on an intra-net on-site server or on the cloud of your choice including MedTrioCloud™. The technology used is fast by design in order to support large databases such as EHR data collected over many years so the applications do not slow over time. In the absence of technology needed to properly protect data, even data that was just entered, new technology was engineered and developed by MedTrio. The new technology, R3 Data Safety™ (Replication, Redundancy, Reliability), automatically reproduces the data remotely in the background without slowing the system, and within the last 10 seconds of entry.  The best part is that this technology has a corrupt data detector. In an event of data corruption (such as hardware failure), the technology will halt the process and notify the user and technical staff of the issue so that the data backups can never get corrupted. Already, there are many practices that wish that they had this software when they lost their electronic charts due to data corrupted backup systems. What does all of this mean…an affordable, fast, efficient, lasting, safe and secure system!

Models, Views and Controllers are distinctly different pieces of code that helps to provide different functions to your overall project. Because of that, they are kept separate and organized. if you wanted to change a piece of code, you can tackle it in a smaller subset that is more or less isolated from the larger piece of code. This allows you to add, modify or remove code more effeciently and logically.
“The quality of their products is only superseded by the quality of their customer support.”
Community Based

We chose to build our entire software based on community or open source software. There are several reasons for this. The first and foremost is cost. Open source or community based software is free to use so this means you don’t have to pay for any costly licensing to run our software. Open source software that is supported by an active community of open source developers and enthusiasts allows MedTrio to resolve problems with the OS or Database with direct access to the code. We can fix a problem faster ourselves instead of having to wait on a patch or update from a licensed OS/DB. Another main reason is Security. “Linus’ Law” states that “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” What that means is that the more people who can see and test a set of code, the more likely any flaws will be caught and fixed quickly. Along similar lines, business users can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit their needs. Since the code is open, it’s simply a matter of modifying it to add the functionality they want. You can’t do that with proprietary software!


It’s hard to mention technology without mentioning design. You can have the best developers in the world working on a project and you will have a good program, but without a good design it isn’t usable. We have been in business since 1978 working on medical software. We understand what it takes to make good software and make it user friendly for staff and doctors. Software must be customizable to fit both big and small clinics. Design is important because it always takes more time to write something from scratch than changing something that is already there. With good design the time you spend to change something is also minimized. When attempting to produce any piece of software (and particularly a large and complex one) it is vital to consider several areas. Many people only look at a small component of this when “designing” their programs. Many software developer are not good with their social skills and that’s a terrible thing because it causes a lot of miscommunication. We have the people that can bridge the gap between doctor and programmer and produce something that the developer understands and what the provider wants.

Data Security

Data security is critical for most businesses and even home computer users. Client information, payment information, personal files, bank account details – all of this information can be hard to replace and potentially dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. Data lost due to disasters such as a flood or fire is crushing, but people understand that. What they don’t understand is losing it to hackers or a malware infection. Our backup system promises to keep your data safe in all of these events. First we encrypt all of your data all of the time. We keep a copy of your data at an offsite secure location that is less than 10 seconds behind your live data. Then we allow you to control when and how often your external backups take place. Data security is a major problem for any company that has valuable information to protect. I think it’s safe to say that Charts and Patient credit card information is part of that list. Just about every week there’s a fairly major cyber-security event that gets talked about in the public–and there are many more that don’t get talked about. MedTrio has addressed these issues and is vigilant at making sure your data is secure and backed up properly.