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MedTrio Training

A training plan will be customized for each practice implementing a MedTrio solution.  Unless arrangements are made otherwise, all training is done in person (not online) for small groups and is hands-on (each person has a PC to use during the class).   Each practice is trained uniquely; there are no sessions with staff from other practices or specialties. The practice may elect to have MedTrio conduct all training or have MedTrio train a select group from the practice, such as area/department managers.  This cadre then trains the remaining staff.  MedTrio staff will be on-site when the practice goes “live” to ensure a smooth implementation.  Medium and large practices usually have the manpower to allow for a cadre to be trained, and doing so will save the practice a lot of time and money. Three days of  uninterrupted time will be needed for the core training.  If the practice does not have an adequate facility (quiet, secure and able to accommodate the appropriate computer equipment) we suggest the staff train in our facilities.  If a cadre is to be trained they will need adequate time to train their subordinates; these subordinates will likely need an opportunity to practice before going “live”. Training is usually conducted with data converted from the previous practice management or EHR system.  During the training we expect the attendees to assist with proofreading our initial conversion as they usually are very familiar with the patients, and a lot of data (patients, appointments, CPT and ICD codes, encounters, and transactions) will be reviewed during the instructions.  For most practices a second data conversion (or more as needed) will be done just before the practice goes “live”. Travel and per diem charges for on-site training will be billed as a pass-thru cost.

Suggestions for a small practice:

  1. Custom settings and software setup will be reviewed on-line with the practice manager(s) and completed/installed by MedTrio before the training begins
  2. MedTrio will train all staff on-site (usually 3 days of training)
  3. Immediately after training the practice will go “live” (typically 2 more days on-site by MedTrio)
  4. Charges will be filed immediately to insure no interruption of cash flow for MedTrioPM™
  5. Only one data conversion is done, but it can be tweaked if issues are found during training

Suggestions for medium or large practices:

  1. Custom settings are reviewed during on-line session before training
  2. Initial data conversion to be used for core training
  3. Cadre is trained on-site or at MedTrio’s corporate training center in Little Rock, AR (3 days needed)
  4. The server with converted data is emplaced, or the practice has on-line access to a hosted solution
  5. Cadre returns to train the remaining staff
  6. The staff must practice before going “live” to ensure competency
  7. Final data conversion is executed and placed on server or cloud
  8. Practice goes “live” with MedTrio staff on-site to assist
  9. Charges will be filed immediately to insure no interruption of cash flow for MedTrioPM™