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Software Certification

2015 Edition ONC Certified HIT

MedTrioEHR™ Version 7.2034 is an ONC certified HIT and is certified as a Meaningful Use Health IT Module that is 2015 Edition compliant.

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ONC Certified HIT

ONC Certified HIT 2015 Edition Transparency and Disclosure Statement:

This Health IT Modules is 2015 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ABC in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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VendorMedTrio Inc.
Certified onApril 9, 2020
Product CertifiedMedtrioEHR
Certification Number15.02.02.2646.A001.
Additional SW RequiredNewCrop and Secure Exchange Solution

Disclosure of Additional types of costs

Costs that eligible providers may be required to pay to implement or use the Health IT Module’s capabilities, whether to meet meaningful use objectives and measures or to achieve any other use within the scope of the health IT’s certification. These costs include:

  • Monthly Service fees (HIT subscription, eRx, and HISP)
  • HISP Setup fees
  • Training fees
  • conversion fees (from other software if applicable)
  • Software based faxing fees (optional)

Disclosure of any limitations

  • Pay fees for Direct Trust
  • Pay fees for ERx
  • Pay HIT subscription fee
ONC Certified HIT

Certified Criteria

Criterion # Description Pass/Fail
170.315(a)(1) Computerized provider order entry – medications Pass
170.315(a)(4) drug-allergy interaction checks for CPOE Pass
170.315(a)(5) Demographics Pass
170.315(a)(6) Problem List Pass
170.315(a)(9) Clinical Decision Support Pass
170.315(a)(11) Smoking Status Pass
170.315(a)(14) Implantable device list Pass
170.315(b)(1) Transitions of Care Pass
170.315(b)(2) Clinical information reconciliation and incorporation Pass
170.315(b)(6) Data Export Pass
170.315(c)(1) Clinical Quality Measures – Record and Export Pass
170.315(c)(2) Clinical Quality Measures – Import and Calculate Pass
170.315(c)(3) Clinical Quality Measures – Report Pass
170.315(d)(1) Authentication, Access Control, and Authorization Pass
170.315(d)(2) Auditable Events and Tamper-Resistance Pass
170.315(d)(3) Audit Report(s) Pass
170.315(d)(4) Amendments Pass
170.315(d)(5) Automatic Access Time-out Pass
170.315(d)(6) Emergency Access Pass
170.315(d)(7) End-User Device Encryption Pass
170.315(d)(8) Integrity Pass
170.315(d)(9) Trusted connection Pass
170.315(e)(2) Secure Messaging Pass
170.315(e)(3) Patient health information capture Pass
170.315(g)(2) Automated Measure Calculation Pass
170.315(g)(3) Safety-Enhanced Design Pass
170.315(g)(4) Quality Management System Pass
170.315(g)(5) Accessibility-centered design Pass
170.315(g)(6) Consolidated CDA creation performance Pass
170.315(g)(7) Application access –patient selection Pass
170.315(g)(8) Application access –data category request Pass
170.315(g)(9) Application access –all data request Pass
170.315(h)(1) Direct Project Pass

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