• 13.3% Average Revenue Increase!
    CEHRT Certified
    EHR & PM solutions that can be tightly integrated with your choice
    of business systems to give you an ideal combination for
    billing/healthcare records to deliver better patient care.
  • Makes you money
    keeps it safe.
    MedTrio EHR & PM together
    will increase practice revenu
    and prevent profit loss.
  • We Provide Total

    Real-time Support

Practice Management & EHR Solutions

Why Us?

We built our business for the doctor and staff who got stuck with a bad EMR / PM.

Designed with Doctors & Staff

We want our software to be easy to use because healthcare today continues to change constantly. We want our products to continue to improve. MedTrio changes the software with the guidance of our clients and their staff to provide you with the best user experience.


The software is multi-browser supported and allows flexible user oriented solutions using any device whether it be from PC’s (Mac or Windows), smart phone, or tablet. The software can be ran on an intranet on-site server or on the cloud of your choice including MedTrioCloud™.

Interface with other Vendors

Even though we at MedTrio have our own full line of integrated software products, our user defined processes allow the flexibility to fit the needs of your practice, including the ability to interface with other companies so you can pick the products you want.


Performance isn’t just about speed. An EHR needs to be built with scalability in mind. As your business grows and expands, either in terms of how many patients you see or how many providers you have on your team, your needs are going to change. Choosing a platform that can grow with you is essential. One of the most common comments clinicians have about their electronic health record is speed. Generally, it's too slow. Some of these factors are out of the control of EHR vendors. Such as internet speeds of cloud computing. However, most of the time speed issues can be attributed to other issues like implementation, software issues, interfacing problems. MedTrio resolves the problems of implementation by performing the implementation ourselves. Software issues we control by code reviews and testing. By having both MedTrioEMR and MedTrioPM™ we solve interfacing problems by both being part of the same software suite.

Support in the USA

We pair our software with exceptional support:

  • Support Reps based in the U.S.
  • Talk to a real person without pressing numbers or extensions
  • No tracking numbers or call-backs necessary
  • Support can be requested by phone, email, or chat message (talk to someone now!)
  • Support needs are handled by an actual MedTrio employee every time
  • Networking & I.T. Services
  • Need support now? Call (501) 476-1750
  • Introductory video: 1 minute and 11 seconds


    Software adapted to the practice, rather than making the practice adapt to the software.


    Our EHR, is designed to work with you, not against you to save you time with the fewest possible keystrokes, and to keep you from re-entering information.

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    MedTrioPM™ gives you what is necessary to enhance your practice, take care of the bottom line, and your finances. Our practice management system is designed to reduce costly mistakes by eliminating data entry errors, and has a tracking system that monitors your patient accounts, and collections status.

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    Networking & I.T. Services

    We know your business not only needs reliable software, but also a reliable infrastructure. MedTrio offers I.T. support to ensure that your office is up and running properly.

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