Teeth Grinding

Grinding or gnashing of teeth; why is this even a thing? This is something I have personally suffered from since I was in grade school. I'm more of a gnasher than a grinder. I bite so hard in my sleep, that I wake up with a sore jaw. Because of this, my teeth have become extremely sensitive. The older I am, the worse it seems to get. I have a Type A or if you like Enneagram, 8 W7 type personality. From the research I have gathered, people with these personality traits are prone to this anomaly.

I gnash my teeth all the time. When I catch myself doing it, I immediately stop, but a lot of times I don't even know it's happening. The mood I'm in doesn't seem to play a role, however I have noticed the more stressed out I am, the worse it gets, especially in my sleep. It's never really been a problem until my teeth started to become over sensitive, to the point of hurting just to eat food. I went to the dentist because I thought I had an infection. Turns out, you can gnash your teeth so hard it can irritate the roots.

This was a real problem for me, it was effecting my everyday life. I had to find a way to protect my teeth from myself. Chewing gum helped a great deal. As long as I'm chewing, I'm not gnashing; this works out great for the day, but night is the real problem. My dentist informed me of a mouth guard designed specifically for teeth grinding / gnashing, and I can get it over the counter. It is designed for people like me! I didn't even know such a thing existed. Here is a quick search I did on Amazon. If you are like me, you are not going to wait for Amazon to deliver it to you. They sell these varieties of mouth guards pretty much anywhere they sell drugs. I popped in to the CVS to get my first guard; I say first guard because, you can mess them up molding them to your teeth. I followed the instructions perfectly, except I put it in crooked and not evenly on my teeth. I couldn't even sleep in my first guard. I suggest putting it in your mouth while looking in the mirror, so you can see what you are doing. This is something I did on my second round and that worked.

Grinding and gnashing my teeth is still a thing for me, but now its manageable. After a few days chewing gum and sleeping with my mouth guard, my teeth are no longer as sensitive. I can eat food without being in constant pain. While I was researching, I found some pretty disturbing pictures of what happens when you do nothing for your teeth grinding. Those photos were enough to make me jump into action. If you have any other suggestions or comments on the subject. I would love to hear from you. PM me on Facebook.

Author: Brent Luyet


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