Medicare for all?

Medicare for all has been a talking point in politics since 2020 and is sure to be again in 2024. What is Medicare for all exactly? It is a single-payer health care insurance run by the government, given to all Americans. When Democrats talk about Medicare for All, they are sure to say things like, "health care is a right!" or "health should be free". To most people, this sounds appealing, especially to young people. Republicans oppose the idea. They claim it's too expensive, and there is no good way to pay for it.

There are many other problems surrounding these issues that are not talked about. The fact that a single-payer health care insurance could be a monopoly gives far too much control over the people who serve in health care. This one single act could completely destroy the health care industry in the United States. More and more doctors and health care providers are leaving the industry because of the difficulties of making money in the field. The worst paying insurance company in the USA is "Medicare" and "Medicade". Sometimes, they don't pay at all. It's an already failing insurance company by nearly every standard. has an article about how our health care system is broken and how insurance companies are robbing the people blind without presenting any factual information. It even includes a "Join the movement" button. Most websites like and the legacy media, are focused on spreading misinformation and half truths. They are making blanket statements with zero facts or straight up fiction. It's like when you were young and your parents told you to go to your room, but if you ask "why"? They say "BECAUSE I SAID". I always hated that answer. For me, it wasn't an answer at all. I feel like Americans have lost the power to critically think. Especially younger Americans. My daughter subscribes to the "New York Times". The "New York Times" will lie in their articles, then change past articles when caught. Below is a little snippet from the article. Click on the link if you wanna read the full thing.

“We toss the term ‘fake news’ around as if it’s something whimsical,” Rindsberg told The Post.
“But creating what I call a false media narrative is really hard,” he said. “It takes coordination, deliberation, and a lot of resources. And there aren’t many news organizations that can do it.”
With close to $2 billion in annual revenue, the Times has the money, prestige, experience and stature to set the narratives that other news outlets almost invariably follow.

I only bring this up as an example of the level of corruption that has occurred. As the days move forward, our health care industry declines. This seems to correlate with increasing government involvement. If something like "Health Care for All" was to be implemented, it would change the dynamic of the medical field. Doctors would no longer work for themselves. They would be working for the government, receiving much less pay than now. One of the reasons doctors quit their jobs is because of electronic healthcare records (EHR) . The government has created organizations like the ONC to govern EHR vendors in the name of medical reform and transparency. Their idea is too, no longer have doctors, but computer systems that diagnose the patient. Young people who decide they want to become a doctor quickly realize the amount of red tape they have to jump through isn't quite worth it. In this article, it mentions the decline of people wanting to become doctors.
"A recent report from the Association of American Medical Colleges projected a shortage of 42,600 to 121,300 physicians by 2030, up from its 2017 projected shortage of 40,800 to 104,900 doctors."
Further down the article, it mentions EHRs directly, doctors in the later stages of their careers hang up their stethoscopes earlier than expected. Some cite electronic health records (EHRs) as part of the reason. The writer even goes to say this, "With the [enforcement] of EHRs, I had to spend more time as a scribe. One night a child I was treating had a seizure and I couldn’t get the medicine to enable them to breathe because their chart wasn’t in the system yet. This kid was fixing to die and I, the doctor, couldn’t get the medicine. It was demoralizing.” .
Government medical reform is to blame for this. is a website solely dedicated in telling EHR's companies what to put in their software. If you don't do what they say, they revoke the "certification" and the doctors will not be able to accept "Medicade" or "Medicare". Plus, the doctor can be fined. This is tyranny at it's finest.

I predict a grim future for health care if the push for "Medicare for All" moves forward. In closing, I don't think "Medicare" or "Mediacade" is a bad thing. The idea of having health benefits when I retire is good, or even for people who can't work. I don't like the idea of handing over all of health care to the government.

Author: Brent Luyet


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