When Life Throws You Punches

This is a tribute and drawing to my best friend/sister from another mother, whose life was cut short at the early age of 34 due to cancer. Just like a sister we were inseparable until she moved off with her family after she graduated high school.

What I like about a drawing is that unlike a camera picture it is not perfect, and neither are we. The reality of it is no one is perfect, which is every good reason to give yourself a break if you’re going through something. Life is already short enough, so what are you waiting for…are you stuck in a rut? What’s the problem? Were you waiting for a promotion that someone else got? Are you looking enviously at someone else and wondering what is wrong with you? Are you disappointed that life didn’t turn out the way you had hoped? Are you trying to change someone else? Maybe you need to change yourself and learn to role with the punches. Maybe you are looking for answers in all the wrong places.

Life is the same for us all, we just get punched differently, but we all do get punched. Maybe not in a physical since… that would be easier and I would rather take a physical beating any day over what life has to serve up sometimes.

If I could offer any suggestions, it would be to get into scripture and find out why so many countless others find life easier to believe in something than to believe in nothing.

The point is we are not promised tomorrow so if you are struggling with something start looking at the positive in every situation. You have a choice to be miserable or you can choose to live your best life, get out of your rut, and leave behind an awesome legacy.

Cheers Kelli, I joyfully do what I do for a living to support those who care for the sick. Until we meet again R.I.P!

Author: Jennie Welter


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