MedTrio is excited to announce our partnership with HIPAAtrek, the market leader in HIPAA compliance software.

Founded by healthcare professionals, HIPAAtrek delivers a complete and intuitive HIPAA management solution in a single, user friendly platform.

HIPAAtrek streamlines everything from assessing risk in network security breaches to monitoring policies, and keeps track of all compliance activity so you’re always audit-ready.

Through this innovative new partnership, you can:

  • Utilize your MedTrioEHR™ and/or MedTrioPM™ with the HIPAAtrek compliance module
  • Understand how legislation and regulations impact your patient portal and data sharing
  • Stay informed on new CMS guidelines
  • Keep your BAA’s and policies organized in one place
  • Join HIPAAtrek's LIVE monthly meeting to better understand your HIPAA obligations
  • Make HIPAA training easier with security reminders, assigning responsibilities, and keeping staff well-informed on policies and procedures

  • Let HIPAAtrek answer your questions:

    • Is my video conferencing with patients in compliance with HIPAA?
    • Does my HIPAA agreement with the patient expire after a year?

    We don’t want our clients to worry about rules and regulations. HIPAAtrek will keep you posted on all developments in CMS and ONC Final Rules. If you have a question they have an answer. Just an easy hassle free call away – to guide you through the process.

    To add HIPAAtrek to your MedTrio software or schedule a complimentary demo, contact us at or call 406-633-8746.

    Author: Jennie Welter


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